About Yazori Store

Our goals

  • Contributing to the national culture industry as part of the Arab culture.
  • Contributing to the knowledge and cultural rise of the Arab person.

Our vision

  • We seek to provide distinguished cultural services that highlight Jordanian and Arab creativity, support and devote it to the Arab and Islamic culture through participation In book fairs and cultural activities for the book industry.
  • We seek to launch an Arabic website to achieve our goals and dedicate our vision.

About Dar Al-Yazori

Al-Yazori Scientific House for publication and distribution

  • More than Thirty years of giving.
  • Founded in 1990, it has made a strong contribution to leading the Jordan Publishers Union for four successive sessions.
  • It took it upon itself to support many Jordanian and Arab creators.
  • It chose her intellectual product according to the criteria of creativity and the need that is subject to evaluation criteria according to a civilized methodology and established a scientific council of the best University professors.
  • Produced more than 2000 scientific and literary publications for more than 1,200 Arab professors and writers.
  • Many of her publications won Arab and local awards.
  • Established a strategic and local project entitled “Library for Every Home – A Book for Every Citizen.”
  • Supported many publications of Jordanian public sector institutions in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, the Greater Amman Municipality and the Writers Association.
  • The Jordanians, the Phosphate Company, the Housing Bank and the National Bank are always striving to perpetuate this concept stemming from responsibility.
  • Personality, national belonging and intellectual progress in cooperation with many colleagues.
  • Established a commercial market with more than 20 or 30 libraries and publishing houses in the center of Amman – Al-Balad and it is still operating so far.
  • Established a permanent book exhibition at its headquarters containing (50,000) fifty thousand titles.
  • It seeks to establish a regional mobile exhibition throughout Jordan.
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